RT @CMEMS_EU: 📢🆕 Sea Surface Salinity products derived from #SMOS @ESA_EO 🛰️ data are available in the #CopernicusMarine Service data catalogue

They improve our understanding of #ocean salinity, a key parameter to study water cycles, currents, etc.

More at marine.copernicus.eu/news/new-

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/CopernicusEU/

Reprocessed data are free and open for non commercial use and may be downloaded from @PoleTheia website

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is a French/Israeli optical satellite for with 5m, and frequent revisit, on ~100 sites selected by scientists. In a first phase, VM1, it acquired data every 2 days. @CNES has just reprocessed the complete archive of VM1.

Un peu de gel sur le à la sortie de (). Il fut un temps où cela arrivait presque chaque année.

🗞 La #GeoRDP est en ligne depuis vendredi dernier : static.geotribu.fr/rdp/2023/rd

Une édition particulière car la part des news proposées par des contributeur/ices externes est majoritaire ! Et, franchement, ça fait plaisir donc merci !

Vous aussi, essayez : contribuer.geotribu.fr/rdp/add

👥 Contributeur/ices : @Data_Wax, @geojulien, Loïc Bartoletti, Guilhem Allaman, Olivia Guyot et Benoît Blanc

#Geotribu #veille #géomatique #GeoNetwork #GIS #SIG ODK #OpenStreetMap CESBIO #cybersécurité 🌱 ♾ #GeoNight

It's not yet a general strike. In France we call it "ce n'est que le début, continuons le combat" and I think it's beautiful

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French workers know how to general strike 🔥🔥🔥

🐦🔗: twitter.com/_ericblanc/status/

Great article on the #CESBIO #Multitemp blog by @inglada on the production of a land cover map of Sahel with #iota2 . The methodology is very inspiring. I look forward to learning more about the generation of pseudo-climatic maps from WorldClim data. #EarthObservation #RemoteSensing #GISchat


A quick introduction before more posts 🙂
I am a snow scientist who studies mountainous and arctic snowpack from space.
After my PhD (in CESBIO and CEN, youtube.com/watch?v=UMh__aheg1), I moved to the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia (Spain) ❄️ 🛰️ 🏔️

I’d been hearing about the coal-mine protests in Germany, but this photo by Sean Gallup is the first that gave me a real sense of the titanic size of the thing and what’s being protested. Just… unreal.

In Germany, the village of Lützerath is being sacrificed to the open-cast lignite mine Garzweiler II exploited by @rwe. This decision of the German gvt is criminal: coal must stay in the ground. (2/8)

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Ce que tout le monde craignait est en train d'arriver. Chronique de la fin d'un État de droit annoncée. twitter.com/Sarah_Kerrich/stat

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RubenAssocies/stat

In his New Year Address at the end of what was likely the hottest year on record in France, with more than 10400 additional deaths during the summer's #heatwave, the #French president Emmanuel #Macron asks his people, without blinking, "Who could have predicted the climate crisis?" lemonde.fr/politique/article/2 #ClimateCrisis

RT @ESA_EO: The future looks bright for #EarthObservation 🌍
The current suite of #Sentinel missions at the heart of the @CopernicusEU programme will be expanded with six expansion missions 🛰️
Learn more about the missions: esa.int/Applications/Observing

🐦🔗: n.respublicae.eu/CopernicusEU/

We are currently experiencing record heat across Europe, but take a look at the newspapers. I mean, seriously. Where is the coverage? Where is the focus? Where is the drive to investigate the future?

We are failing as a news industry. Just completely failing. As a media analyst, it's astonishing to look at.

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