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Je viens de les appeler pour changer ma civilité. Voici à peu près à quoi ressemblait la conversation.
« Que puis-je faire pour vous ?
— J’aimerais changer certaines de mes informations personnelles.
— Bien sûr. Qu’est-ce que vous voulez que je modifie exactement ?
— Et bien, dans mon dossier il est écrit « monsieur » mais j’utilise plutôt « madame » maintenant. Est-ce que ça serait possible de changer ?
— Voilà madame, c’est fait ! Passez une bonne journée. »

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Masculine: Master
Feminine: Mistress
Neutral: Mattress

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I wish fediverse clients had a working petname based contact list type system so I could write down notes about people and give them my own names so I can actually contextually remember who they are

Especially a big problem after APConf, where now I just followed a bunch of people I really cared about the conversations of, and will have a hard time mentally mapping them to their online identities :(

I want to try writing Pascal again but I don't know if there's even a Pascal compiler in Debian

Tired: Rust Evangelism Task Force
Wired: Pascal Evangelism Task Force

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so my suggestion is to stop being holier than thou and shut the fuck up, or actually get off your ass and start fixing the fact that if you open Mastodon in JAWS or NVDA it simply will NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP because it keeps reading new posts due to firehose. want to talk accessibility? there's your big accessibility problem. alt-text is important too, but making sure the screen reader doesn't overload the user with shitposts is far more important.
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tired: bullying people for not using alt-text (even though they can't use Mastodon anyway except through apps)

wired: spending that time to make mastodon web client actually work with screen readers

(unfortunately the column layout is going to be impossible for a blind person to successfully navigate, but simple mode could be fixed :))
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What do tops fear the most falling in? 

Autistic culture is confusing volume and brightness keys, and not realizing you pressed the wrong one

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Bon c'est assez urgent, mais j'ai pas d'alternance.

Donc ça m'intéresserait si vous connaissez une entreprise, en dehors de celles qui sont souvent nommées, autour de #Rennes, et susceptibles de prendre en alternance en cybersécurité,

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Trauma, psychology, queer community (article) 

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the two hardest problems in computer science are off by one errors, naming variables and rampant misogyny

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@bryn For your consideration, I present the Nobody Wins Compromise Bi Flag

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Tired: random password on well-known keyboard layout

Wired: well-known password on random keyboard layout

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uppercase shitpost 

"Valid values: true, false, wait_for"
Ah, yes, booleans.

NP-hardness? Pff, easy.
Try user-friendly-hardness

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