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I'm Facundo Muñoz (ƒacu). Grew up in Uruguay 🇺🇾, studied in Spain 🇪🇸 and currently live in France 🇫🇷.

I am a working in the domain of . I collaborate with many researchers in topics such development, assessment and distribution . I also do some .

I am mostly , and my language is . I'm also interested in , and .

Do you program in #Rstats ? Do you use #FunctionalProgramming? Have you ever heard about #Monads? It's an advanced concept in functional programming. I've made a video that tells you (almost) everything you need to know

prefer reading ? I've got you covered

Whatever you do, spend 4mins watching this at some point today. #climate

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"When looking for a publication venue for your next manuscript, please, check not only the scope of the journal and its impact factor but also who owns it."

The benefits of publishing in society-owned scientific journals via @jvsavsblog

This blog post is basically about why I stick with #rstats data.table::fread over #postgresql, #pandas, #duckdb, and #tidyverse readr, all of which fail hard when you’re getting regularly changing flat files that need to be processed unattended.

✍️ New blog post: Ten quick tips for teaching with (participatory) live coding (online).

I use three sources that provide ten tips for teaching with live coding, focusing on in-person classrooms and added considerations for teaching online.

Please, let me know what do you think 🙏


I pointed out in 2018 in @TrendsEcolEvo how this raised #ethical problems because with expensive #goldopenaccess there is an alignment of interests between unscrupulous authors and greedy publishers.

Plus, nowadays, all articles are de facto #openaccess thanks to Alexandra Elbakyan or simply thanks to being able to send an #email to the authors.

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There's no other way to say this: OpenAI is extractive-resource colonialism, and the resource being extracted is humans' mental health. That fancy new tool you think is so shiny, that's a blood diamond.

"OpenAI sent tens of thousands of snippets of text to an outsourcing firm in Kenya... Some of it described situations in graphic detail like child sexual abuse, bestiality, murder, suicide, torture, self harm, and incest. Some workers made just $1.32/hour."


Merci de mener ce travail de déconstruction de la novlangue gouvernementale. Le pouvoir ment car il a peur du peuple. Il a raison !

Retrouvons-nous dans la rue le 19 janvier pour obtenir le retrait de la réforme des retraites.


#Reproducibility of the #RStats programming language

Want to read my take #MRAN getting shutdown? What alternatives are there? I wrote about it :

I also wrote about the longevity of code written in the R programming language. Surprisingly, around 75% of examples from R 0.6 still work on the current release of R! Read more here:


Ey! VIBASS 6 is announced online now
🗓️ July 10-14 2023
🚩Faculty of Mathematics, Valencia, Spain

Be aware that the registration would start really really soon and we just have few spots. Don't miss it.


{vegabrite} is an experimental but “mostly complete” #rstats 📦 for creating Vega-Lite data visualizations from R. Includes charts, maps, interactivity options and more. By Alicia Schep.
#dataviz #vegalite @rstats

The 8th iteration of my #ProgramEvaluation and #CausalInference course is up and live at evalsp23.classes.andrewheiss.c !

It covers basic econometrics and DAGs, all with #rstats, and it's mostly asynchronous with dozens of hours of videos, and the whole thing is Creative Commons-licensed, so do whatever you want with it! #epitwitter #EconTwitter #statsodon

How to slow down scientific progress

"Leo Szilard—the physicist who first conceived of the nuclear chain reaction and who urged the US to undertake the Manhattan Project—also wrote fiction. His book of short stories, The Voice of the Dolphins, contains a story “The Mark Gable Foundation,” dated 1948."

You can see the full thing at this link, but I've also taken a screenshot of an excerpt. 😬 🤔 😢

While ChatGPT is all the rage these days, as you may know it doesn't optimize for accuracy, but rather something like plausability.

I would thus like to highlight an alternative that only answers based on scientific papers, and does so while referencing all the sources:

To me, this is pretty awesome! Let's encourage this type of projects that promote accuracy and transparency of its sources!

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