pci 0
slot 20
function 0
usb port 6
interface(?) 1

Is this a multi port ethernet controller on a thunderbolt docking station attached through usb (either interbally or externally)?

@clonejo it's literally just a usbnet device

but also it doesn't matter what the explanation is this is bullshit either way lol

@wxcafe @clonejo It's a "Predictable Interface Name". The point is that this device will always get the same name, even if you plug other devices before it in discovery order (unlike eth0, eth1, etc.)

There's some discussion about the pros and cons here: freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/

@val @clonejo to elaborate on that:

no matter what the technical justifications are, this is still horrible UX
there is no reason why stable interface names could not be shorter than that, or even still be ethX (first boot -> assign a static name to each device. boom problem solved)
moreover, there is no reason we can't just change the name of interfaces (just assign a UUID to each of them...)


@wxcafe @val i think the udev rules in redhat do exactly that (renaming the interfaces to ethN)

@clonejo @val yeah I just want to be able to rename them myself with a command while the machine is running and statically in a correspondance file

@val @clonejo yeah
not only is this unuseable because it's a pain to setup and the doc is very badly written but it also doesn't support 40G interfaces lol

I was talking about a file formatted like this:

ddff95d8-6b7d-4de8-bfb5-7762abb6f19e: eth0
184115b1-8385-4644-87e1-e621e4ed754b: eth1
4bcdddb3-66d4-4674-bbfd-b0edecfc94aa: eth2
2317e327-2095-432b-9b45-ac2ddf38942e: wlan0

where I can change the second part and at reboot it'll rename the iface


@wxcafe @clonejo yeah, systemd doesn't much like this kind of simple file

@val @clonejo yeah

(also love people who come and tell you "oh no interface naming isn't systemd, it's udev!!" when there's shit like that where changing the name is done in systemd like... they're one and the same now, face it)

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