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Free Speech and the Paradox of Tolerance

> Hate speech, and other speech acts designed to harass and intimidate (rather than merely express criticism or dissent), are routinely used to thwart other people’s freedom of expression. Free speech absolutists tend not to consider or fully appreciate this, probably because most of them have never felt silenced by pervasive or systemic hatred and intolerance before.

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I want to self-publish a cute diary/planner that has a tiny attainable challenge every day that means you win at the day.

Saturday 17th: Eat a vegetable.

Sunday 18th: Leave the house.

Monday 19th: Say hello to another human.

Tuesday 20th: Brush your teeth.


@Alda Merci ! j'ai trouvé une liste des combinants, on voit qu'il y a toutes les lettres de l'alphabet. Laͨnͦiͧcͨiͦaͧ il y a toutes les lettres de l'alphabet dedans ! ᷱ

@Alda J'ai trouvé le sens de tous ces caractères que tu utilises:
Mais comment les fais-tu ?

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@Technowix What if you keep the 16Gb unit *and* get a partial refund?

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If you've got stuff to give away for the price of postage and you're in the UK, use the hashtag: #priceofpostageUK

I'll boost stuff as and when I get around to it. :)

@Technowix if ot is amazon or aliexpress, you can first complain in the official interface, tell at length youare decieved, and ask for at least a significant partial refund. It usually works.

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If your instance isn't on this list: Maybe add it so folks can see the UI before signing up?

- A Weirder Earth
- Computer Fairies
- Cybrespace
- I'm in Space
- LGBT. Mastodon.
- Masto Cafe
- (flagship)
- Octodon
- Scholar Social
- Targaryen House
- Toot.Cat
- Toot Planet
- Witches Town

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@cassolotl This is a Goof. Go to google, search "goof" "star wars".

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with daily entries, most of my entries are just remixes of unfinished tasks from the days before, it's tedious and useless

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@valentinbesse mauvais souvenir pour moi: plein de désillusions que je ne te souhaite pas.

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J'aimerais bien faire le selfie challenge là mais ma politique de vie privée personnelle m'interdit de poster ma tronche publiquement sur Internet.

@DeadeyeCyborg tiens-moi au courant STP si tu vois du nouveau sur . Le mari de l'administratrice de la pousse a créer une insance, elle m'a autorisée à parlé d'elle à @Afroblue