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@fdroidorg For context:

tl;dr: Mastodon added an in-app updater that would move users from the F-Droid version to the GitHub version and was unwilling to provide an .apk file for a version with the updater either disabled or with a note added explaining users that if they used it they would start getting their updates from them directly instead of from F-Droid. And without an .apk file from the developers to compare to, reproducible builds are simply not possible.

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We regret to inform you that Mastodon has decided to leave the F-Droid Reproducible Builds project.

Going forward, Mastodon updates on F-Droid will be maintained by the F-Droid team and signed with an unique per-app key generated by F-Droid.

If you installed Mastodon through F-Droid, please uninstall and reinstall it to keep receiving updates.

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"Welcome to our gander reveal party!"

"Don't you mean..."


Geese emerge from everywhere. There are no fireworks. Only geese. There are no balloons. Only chaos. There are no genders. Only honk.

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@jesopo it's a good post, and there are definitely a lot of complicated issues that Mastodon shares with Bluesky

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GoToSocial (so far) has been trying to maintain compatibility with the Mastodon API, to maximize the number of clients compatible with our ActivityPub server implementation. The Mastodon "base" API implementation is still underway (e.g. we're missing lists), but we have been aware of the fact that maintaining API compatibility with all future features would forever have us in a state of "catch-up".

Given recent announcements about the direction that Mastodon development is being taken, and our own fears about the future of the Mastodon project, we are declaring a cut-off point. GoToSocial will only be attempting to maintain Mastodon API compatibility up to the current stable version, that is, v4.1.2.

Now this does not mean that we will never implement future features of Mastodon, it just gives us more flexibility in exactly what and how we implement things, especially when it comes to the more ethically complex ones (looking at you, search!).

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Regarding "AT was written because ActivityPub can't handle portable content and identity", I wrote up stuff about this *in 2017* and wrote a demo on how to do the portable content part

Good luck to the Bluesky / AT folks, truly. The main thing that frustrates me is this claim that AP can't do this though. (The Bluesky folks are aware of this, we both wrote some documents about it together, so they *should* know, that's my main irritation with the FAQ item that says ActivityPub can't do it.)

But also:

- I am not currently focused on ActivityPub so maybe it's not the best question to direct at me anymore
- I am focused on Spritely, which will eventually loop back to AP stuff, but that's not its current focus (it's a bit more general and dare I say a bit more revolutionary to how applications are written than that)
- I have never been interested in making a Twitter replacement because I am not convinced a global content space is necessarily a good idea
- It's good that almost everyone agrees that decentralized networks are fundamentally necessary now though
- I am glad that AT/Bluesky is using DIDs and some other components that really might be truly useful
- I am not the best person to ask this question, but I guess I am one of the most obvious people to ask this question

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Here's what Eugen Rochko's Mastodon gGmbH organisation now controls:

-The Mastodon server software & API (though the current version is FOSS)
-The server, which has 1 in 7 of all Fediverse users
-The official Mastodon apps, now telling people to just sign up on
-The official website at
-The trademark for the word "mastodon", which lets them dictate terms to any server which uses it

This is a tempting package for any potential buyers.


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I don't think people are realising the danger the Fediverse is in.

The only thing stopping corporations and VCs taking over this place is that the Fediverse is spread out on many different servers, which makes it very difficult to purchase.

If most of the Fediverse ends up on, which is now a strong possibility, there will be nothing to stop most of it being sold to Musk or Zuckerberg or whoever.

The bigger becomes, the more likely a buyout is to happen.


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a friend is nearly in tears because changing their KDE font to opendyslexic also changed the font ePubs render in in okular, meaning they can actually read their assignments.

this is why apps respecting your preferences is important, and it's why libre software (and KDE in particular) is so awesome.

unrelatedly, fuck electron.

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If you run "guix pull" today, you get a package graph of more than 22,000 nodes rooted in a 357-byte program---something that had never been achieved, to our knowledge, since the birth of Unix: a Full-Source Bootstrap.

Edit: Add blog post link inline


La boulangerie de mon quartier fait des éclairs originaux : au speculoos ! J'adore

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@Khrys Je suis morte de rire !!

case 'annulation':
score = 5;
case 'fuite':
score = 4;
case 'sobriete':
score = 3;
case 'action-creative':
score = 2;
case 'manif':
score = 1;
case 'chahut':
score = 1;

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Quel département gagnera la course à l'apaisement ?


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Friends. This is an extremely important message for women (or anyone) who may be a victim of domestic abuse in the UK.

They are conducting a country-wide mobile alert to test an emergency system. People with hidden phones must disable alerts or turn their phone off during this time.

Please boost for visibility.

About the event:

Image credit:

#UK #UnitedKingdom #England #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #EmergencyAlert #Privacy #Safety

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mastodon meta 

The biggest thing missing from Mastodon remains the ability to *actually* migrate an account between servers.

The follower-migrate feature is not enough. I need to be able to migrate an entire account, including posts. And I should be able to do it without the former server cooperating (because of course servers can go down). I should be able to get some sort of cryptographic cert I can send to a new server with my posts and they'll be like "oh yeah, this is real, migrating u now".

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