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How many symbols do you need to type on a keyboard to make a heart?

Less than three.

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my team has a running joke about how we've been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a problem to solve with Bloom Filters since 2017

Also some of my code's runtime behavior apparently differs based on compiler version now 🤷

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Every time I use Rust, it gets more nonsensical:

$ cargo install rustfmt
Installed package `rustfmt v0.10.0` (executables `cargo-fmt`, `rustfmt`)

$ cargo fmt
This version of rustfmt is deprecated. Use rustfmt-nightly. Use --force to run deprecated rustfmt.

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Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on the plane?

Me: Yes, but I'm not that kind of...

Flight attendant: The pilots are debating either this image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope or the James Webb Space Telescope.

Me: Okay. I'm here.

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Please sign if you are a UK citizen or resident & boost if you are not.

This obsessed woman is on the point of giving up. There were only 50 new signatures yesterday, the lowest daily increase in the last 30 days.

As I write there are 92,866 signatures on the petition. The most optimistic ETA for 100,000 signatures is now Wednesday 17 May in 79 days time.

The last thing we want is the petition to *remove* LGBT content from the curriculum to be debated and our opinion not to be heard.

May I thank each & every one of the amazing people that that have boosted this message an extraordinary 3,444 times.
💖 💖 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Please consider signing this petition regarding trans dignity in death:

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransPetition
#transgender #NonBinary #enby #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #genderqueer #genderfluid #agender #AroAce #aromantic #bisexual #biromantic #gay #lesbian #pansexual #panromantic #polyamorous #sapphic #politics #UKPolitics #ToriesOut

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Me when I hear something weird and I don't know what it means

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Open source maintainership is about to become a whole lot more annoying.

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Quand je vois mes potes s'extasier devant Mid-journey et ChatGpt, je me revois, moi, m'extasier devant les services de Google, il y a presque vingt ans. Et quand je vois le monstre que nous avons laissé grandir, hypnotisés, et combien nous le payons, je flippe en songeant à la facture que nous promet cette même fascination aveugle devant des outils encore bien plus dangereux...

Nous n'avons rien appris.

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Harassments and death threats in FOSS 

This is a really depressing article about the free and open source community mistreating maintainers.

#OpenSource #FOSS #JavaScript #JS #FreeSoftware

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When people talk about the progressive centralization of email I feel like there's often a bit of a false conflation that happens in the argument where maybe people don't understand that sending email and receiving email aren't really the same system and they aren't of equal difficulties?

Hosting your own email inbox is actually super easy still, barely an inconvenience. Gmail will happily deliver email to your mx regardless of how awful that IP has been in the past. You really can just do this part on a $5 vps that is otherwise banned from sending email. It's honestly not even nearly as bad as it used to be to filter out bad email thanks to RBLs and DKIM and the like.

The sending is the hard part, but you can have a third party do that for you. Obviously there are still privacy and centralization implications there, but there are lots of smaller businesses out there that can deliver for you and it's actually something that bigger mail services like Gmail explicitly don't do.

For some reason it just seems to rarely occur to people that separating these concerns is even possible.

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Hello fellow FOSS folk! As you might know, we rely on donations to keep Libera.Chat running.

In this regard we have great news today: We partnered up with to distribute official Libera.Chat merch. So if you want to donate to us and get fancy gear in return, this is a great opportunity. You can buy cool t-shirts and hoodies, more items will arrive later. For every item sold, we get a donation. Details are at and our shop is at Enjoy!

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People worry a lot about losing knowledge — about "burned-down libraries".

Comparatively few people seem to worry about what happens if you take a billion books full of auto-generated, often-untrue junk text and *add* them all to the library.

In theory, nothing is lost. In reality, everything is lost, because nothing useful can now be found.

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Are you a person who was around in, or knows a lot about, 1970s/1980s fandoms? I'm working on a project about spoilers and want to learn more about early uses of the term in its modern sense. I'm reading Usenet archives; do you have memories of earlier emergent uses? Please share! Non-fandom memories and leads also welcome, of course.

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Un PDF gratuit de 130 pages intitulé « Ne demande pas à ta mère, guide pour devenir un adulte, manger autre chose que des pâtes, trouver un boulot et faire sa lessive ».

Mais pourquoi a-t-il fallu attendre 2023 pour que je tombe dessus ? Pourquoi est-ce qu’on ne distribue pas ça à tous les ados ?

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Comme on dirait qu’il y a des users ici, existe-t-il un équivalent de Spacewalk ou RedHat Satellite pour gère le patching d’un parc de serveurs Debian.

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Why Not Mars (Idle Words)

I love this blog, and this is a very interesting post. It changed my (uninformed) opinion on the usefulness of a Mars mission.

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Confused by Linux? I made this handy dandy chart to help clear up the confusion! #GNU #Linux #OpenSource

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i have a lot of thoughts about the activitypub proxy tool. the tool is not surprising to me and, although the readme unironically uses the phrase “woke admin,” the tool itself does highlight the point of total instance defederation largely being used as a tool for admins to enforce their own personal boundaries, at the inconvenience of their users.

there are far too many incidents of admins defederating other instances over some beef with an admin or user, resulting in people’s social relationships being severed (frequently without their awareness!) over some incident that could have been easily mitigated with other tools.

given this it is unsurprising that somebody would eventually say “fuck you, admin!” and work around the nuclear nature of mastodon instance moderation, if only to make a statement.

the real solution is to shift the role that consent plays in the protocol implementations. activitypub has a large framework for requesting, and affirming, consent. if we had a network of consent, then instance defederation becomes a much less justifiable hammer in the toolbox.

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