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Y'a des gens qui jouent au golf dans le couloir à côté de mon bureau

The funny thing is I was fetching it to experiment an asexual flag :flag_asexual:

My purple nail polish decanted into the bi flag. :flag_bisexual:

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trans dating stats (-) 

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Scandales politiques autours des Prides (France) 

Just found out that my IRC client allows me to create a second column for my 50+ channels list.
What a time to be alive

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« Chers riverains, des travaux bruyants auront lieu la nuit du X de 21h à 5h » :oh_no:

How can I disable Mastodon's clunky "Direct Messages" column?

I am used to a huge postgresql database at work (billions of rows), so even a simple query can take hours on high-end hardware.

Here I just wrote a relatively complex SQL query for Mastodon, on a 30€/month server, and it finishes in seconds


big SQL query 

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It is not a special character, you fucking imperialist, it is my (first) last name.

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on follow requests i'd like to let people "public-follow" me. for when i want them to be allowed to follow me and see my public toots, but never send them private toots. (and silence + that would be the most stealthy way to nearly-block someone, as they don't get any way to tell without comparing toots with another of your followers)

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the real problem with discord that makes them truly evil is that they sell their solution as being something that provides self-determination.

when you move your community to discord, you start a what they call a "discord server."

to be clear, there is not really any such thing as a "discord server," this is just marketing terminology for group functionality.

they call it a discord "server" on purpose: they want to communicate the idea that you have full autonomy on your own "discord server," when in reality you are still at the mercy of discord as a service provider. this is truly evil, this goes beyond a lack of transparency to actively lying to potential users. not even Slack does this.

we must build real alternatives to these predatory services.

singular they 

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(the plain text is a boilerplate/old mailing, the html is the actual content)

<3 multipart emails where the text/plain content has absolutely nothing to do with the text/html.

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