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*utilise une expression*
"Merde elle existe vraiment ou pas attends je vais vérifier"

@mcc it ticks the "2FA" box in compliance checklists

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Soyons bien clairs, la description d'images c'est important mais *seulement* pour les images *porteuses de sens* !!

Ca n'a pas de sens (et c'est même contre-productif) de décrire systématiquement des images décoratives, donc quand vos petits robots vous signalent "cette image n'a pas de description", ça n'est pas forcément grave…



TL:DR : Les RS gèrent de façon nulle

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Definitely getting to the point where I'll be putting word filters up again. :aliceweh:

I don't wanna be "blind" to the shit that's happening to #trans folks lately. I just can't take that being boosted onto my timeline every time I open up fedi. I'm genuinely begging you to CW. You're making fedi inhospitable to the folks you're trying to rally for.
#transrights #transgenocide

@CobaltVelvet @Claire @tobi but what if you import to an account that existed for a while?

@Claire @tobi @CobaltVelvet add "imported on 2023-XX-XX" next to the post's date?

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talk of moderators for big social media platforms being traumatised 

a lot of the "moderators have to see horrible things" articles fail to hit home how bad it is, but that "you start hoping the next one is worse" line hammers it home for me. the ways people learn to cope can be viscerally scary

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talk of moderators for big social media platforms being traumatised 

i cant find it now but i read an article the other day where they were talking to a social media moderator who said something along the lines of "after you've seen 100 beheadings, you start hoping for the next one to be worse / more gruesome" and that's really stuck in my brain

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Sorry for the rants, but there are *so many* things totally broken with railways in France

Here is a list of what I would fix, and why:

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Today is our 2nd Birthday! We wrote a little blog post about all the fancy things that happened on Libera.Chat in the last two years, have a look at

A huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers, sponsors, projects and users, without you we wouldn't have lasted two years, and thanks to you we are still going and growing strong!

There is virtual cake and a small Birthday party in #libera-birthday, feel free to join us in our celebrations!

@lethalbit It depends. If it's a simple PR and/or has trivial fixes in subsequent commits -> squash and rebase; because the history is just noise.

If it's a more complex PR (especially if it developed conflicts), first squash the trivial commits within the PR, then merge; because the history is valuable and squash+rebase may hide conflicts and prevents bisecting within the PR.

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@daph @narju au pire tu peux utiliser un adaptateur induction, même si c'est un peu dommage

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A bit of (simplified) X history and how we got here.

Back in the 90s and 2000s, X was running display drivers directly in userspace. That was a terrible idea, and made interop between X and the TTY layer a nightmare. It also meant you needed to write X drivers for everything. And it meant X had to run as root. And that if X crashed it had a high chance of making your whole machine unusable.

Then along came KMS, and moved modesetting into the kernel. Along with a common API, that obsoleted the need for GPU-specific drivers to display stuff. But X kept on using GPU-specific drivers. Why? Because X relies on 2D acceleration, a concept that doesn't even exist any more in modern hardware, so it still needed GPU-specific drivers to implement that.

The X developers of course realized that modern hardware couldn't do 2D any more, so along came Glamor, which implements X's three decades of 2D acceleration APIs on top of OpenGL. Now you could run X on any modern GPU with 3D drivers.

And so finally we could run X without any GPU-specific drivers, but since X still wants there to be "a driver", along came xf86-video-modesetting, which was supposed to be the future. It was intended to work on any modern GPU with Mesa/KMS drivers.

That was in 2015. And here's the problem: X was already dying by then. Modesetting sucked. Intel deprecated their GPU-specific DDX driver and it started bitrotting, but modesetting couldn't even handle tear-free output until earlier this year (2023, 8 whole years later). Just ask any Intel user of the Ivy Bridge/Haswell era what a mess it all is. Meanwhile Nvidia and AMD kept maintaining their respective DDX drivers and largely insulating users from the slow death of core X, so people thought this was a platform/vendor thing, even though X had what was supposed to be a platform-neutral solution that just wasn't up to par.

And so when other platforms like ARM systems came around, we got stuck with modesetting. Nobody wants to write an X DDX. Nobody even knows how outside of people who have done it in the past, and those people are burned out. So X will *always* be stuck being an inferior experience if you're not AMD or Nvidia, because the core common code that's supposed to handle it all just doesn't cut it.

On top of that, ARM platforms have to deal with separate display and render devices, which is something modesetting can't handle automatically. So now we need platform-specific X config files to make it work.

And then there's us. When Apple designed the M1, they decided to put a coprocessor CPU in the display controller. And instead of running the display driver in macOS, they moved most of it to firmware. That means that from Linux's point of view, we're not running on bare metal, we're running on top of an abstraction intended for macOS' compositor. And that abstraction doesn't have stuff like vblank IRQs, or traditional cursor planes, and is quite opinionated about pixel formats and colorspaces. That all works well with modern Wayland compositors, which use KMS abstractions that are a pretty good match for this model (it's the future and every other platform is moving in this direction).

But X and its modesetting driver are stuck in the past. It tries to do ridiculous things like draw directly into the visible framebuffer instead of a back buffer, or expect there to be a "vblank IRQ" even though you don't need one any more. It implements a software fallback for when there is no hardware cursor plane, but the code is broken and it flickers. And so on. These are all problems, legacy nonsense, and bugs that are part of core X. They just happen to hurt smaller platforms more, and they particularly hurt us.

That's not even getting into fundamental issues with the core X protocol, like how it can't see the Fn key on Macs because Macs have software Fn keys and that keycode is too large in the evdev keycode table, or how it only has 8 modifiers that are all in use today, and we need one more for Fn. Those things can't be properly fixed without breaking the X11 protocol and clients.

So no, X will never work properly on Asahi. Because it's buggy, it has been buggy for over 8 years, nobody has fixed it in that time, and certainly nobody is going to go fix it now. The attempt at having a vendor-neutral driver was too little too late, and by then momentum was already switching to Wayland. Had continued X development lasted long enough to get modesetting up to par 8 years ago, the story with Asahi today would be different. But it didn't, and now here we are, and there is nothing left to be done.

So please, use Wayland on Asahi. You only get a pass on using X if you need accessibility features that aren't in Wayland yet.

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Et c'est peut être le moment aussi de se remettre en question sur l'usage des réseaux sociaux et peut être se dire que ne pas avoir toujours 150k informations à lire mais moins et de meilleures qualités, c'est mieux ?


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Y a un truc que je comprends pas, beaucoup viennent ici, font du cross avec twitter en disant "c'est trop calme pour m'investir"; mais justement si vous vous investissez tous, ça sera pas si "calme". C'est pas en faisant du contenu hors contexte ici que ça va créer une interaction sympa avec les gens... Au contraire on mute les cross twitter parce que c'est souvent des toots qui deviennent complètement hors contexte et désagréables à voir...


@BM_Bourguignon @Grumpfff I made it up.
But you could do it with electronics in the plug (small GPS receiver, detecting GSM bands, ...) or using cooperating devices (like DVD players did)

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Suite aux discussions, d'autres exemples de mauvais usage des impôts (en plus du SNU et des JO) :

- Le Crédit Impôt Recherche
- Les aides aux entreprises (en particulier les grosses entreprises !)
- Les dépenses abusives du Président, des ministres et autres membres du gouvernement (contrats abusifs avec McKinsey/Capgemini/etc., frais de bouche…)
- Le financement des anciens Présidents
- Les autoroutes
- Augmentation des budgets de la défense
- Les mégabassines
- Amarrages de yachts en Corse

D'autres choses qui n'aident pas les impôts :
- La suppression de l'ISF
- La non augmentation des moyens pour aller chercher la fraude fiscale

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