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@Claire I don't understand, what is wrong with this?

> new Date('2022-05-05T23:50:00').toISOString();

@Claire slap a regex on it and it's a better UI than five <select>s even for reasonably old browsers

@CobaltVelvet use GPT-3 to generate content when timelines aren't moving fast enough, it will help user retention

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This is great: "stable" coin project relies on community governance, so a hacker borrows $1b, uses it to get a 67% voting stake, votes that the project should wire them $182m, then pays back the huge loan and exits -- all in the space of 13 seconds. The "stable" coin immediately crashes.

@charlag as far as I know, no; because Mastodon does not store what IP addresses their backend queries come from (it could technically, but it doesn't do it).
It only works if their backend is on the same IP address as their reverse-proxy (because you can query it via the DNS), but that's useless because all the fash already use Cloudflare as reverse-proxy

@charlag For example, I just queried one of your toots ( from some instance I set up months ago. It uses the same IP addresses as my normal one (, because I'm lazy.
How can you tell the domain I just used?

@charlag There are thousands of these; how can you tell which one is leaking toots?

@charlag malicious instances does not need to "set up new keys and domains all the time"; they just need to do it once for a domain that never sends anything.
Mastodon does not have the tools to find which of the thousand domains it federates with is leaking toots.

Authorized_fetch makes it impossible for simple AP implementations to fetch toots; without providing much benefits.
Unless you whitelist instances; any blocked instances can get around the block by pretending to be a new instance.

@CobaltVelvet who said home datacenters should have a safe electrical setup?

@juliobiason 50GB, and my instance is 5 years old with 20-50 active users.

If you are worried about size, you should consider disk compression, it usually has good ratio with postgresql data, and will even make it faster on hard disks (probably on SSDs too)

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fedi hosting advertisement 

just a reminder that i host mastodon instances at

mainline or glitch, fully managed, and pretty cheap compared to the effort it takes. i reply slowly but the uptime is :chefkiss: italian emoji

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@cjd First it's a false dichotomy, Le Pen won't have either chamber of parliament either way.

Second, she promised that, if elected, she will organize a referendum to change the constitution to make legislative elections proportional, which *will* give her an absolute majority in the national assembly:

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