@borderdoggo Je vais probablement passer dans la DNS devroom pour les premiers talks o/

@sky oneprovider.com/search?&thread
Oneprovider's Paris (and Lille?) servers are hosted by Scaleway. I don't know about others.

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@athenavocat ah oui mais en hiver c'est dur. Soupe à l'oignon ou fondue de poireaux, alors ?

@athenavocat pâte feuilletée et amande en poudre, évidemment

@CobaltVelvet 5$/TB/month? Where do you get prices these low for (presumably replicated) storage?

@isis Go to about:config, set browser.startup.page to 3

@misty A long time ago, I migrated from local files to radosgw (S3-like). I used this script to upload: gist.github.com/progval/f74db1 (awscli would probably have worked just fine) and this nginx config: gist.github.com/progval/59a3e1 which first tries to get the file locally, and falls back to querying radosgw if not found.

I assume I did it in that order:

1. configure nginx like this
2. reconfigure mastodon to use radosgw
3. run the migration script
4. remove local files
5. switch to permanent nginx conf

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Are you a person who was around in, or knows a lot about, 1970s/1980s fandoms? I'm working on a project about spoilers and want to learn more about early uses of the term in its modern sense. I'm reading Usenet archives; do you have memories of earlier emergent uses? Please share! Non-fandom memories and leads also welcome, of course.

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Un PDF gratuit de 130 pages intitulé « Ne demande pas à ta mère, guide pour devenir un adulte, manger autre chose que des pâtes, trouver un boulot et faire sa lessive ».

Mais pourquoi a-t-il fallu attendre 2023 pour que je tombe dessus ? Pourquoi est-ce qu’on ne distribue pas ça à tous les ados ?

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Comme on dirait qu’il y a des users ici, existe-t-il un équivalent de Spacewalk ou RedHat Satellite pour gère le patching d’un parc de serveurs Debian.

@freaky@bitsnbytes.chat I got this one!

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