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the overwhelming majority of people have been successfully convinced that "politics" is when you make one extremely limited choice every 4-5 years. every other form of political action is a crime

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the main point of saying voting is the way to defeat fascism is to stop people from rioting, going on strike etc

@ashwinvis @bram Yeah, Protocols are cool. Basically it's like a Rust trait or a C++ interface; a class is said to implement a Protocol if it implements all the methods in it (it doesn't even need to inherit it to be considered a subclass).

For example, Iterable is a Protocol, which requires classes to implement a __iter__ method.

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And in Python 3.7 it works if you call it _Protocol instead

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In >= 3.8, this code raises "TypeError: Cannot inherit from plain Generic":

class Foo(typing.Generic):

but this one works:

class Protocol(typing.Generic):

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introverts with social anxiety in March 2020: MY TIME HAS COME

introverts with social anxiety in September 2020: i can no longer interact with other humans and i get panic attacks from being within eyesight of more than five people at once

@CobaltVelvet Social engineering yourself in order to remember the password

@wxcafe hiring sysadmins (f/m)
Job requirements:
* using computers
* arm and hand must not be larger than 1U

computer, money 

@CobaltVelvet and I've been looking on ebay for second-hand Ryzens, unfortunately they are not cheaper than new ones on Amazon smh

computer, money 

@CobaltVelvet it wasn't for a gamer setup (which I'm guessing your computer is for) but I think it'd work too. The idea is:

* 110€ Ryzen 3 3200G (integrated graphics); alternatively 60€ Athlon 3000G if the low perfs would be ok for you
* 75€ any MSI B450M motherboard; or 95€ if you want it to support up to 64GB RAM for future upgrades. they seem decent and cheap
* 65€ for two 8GB sticks (so you can use the dual channel) or one 16GB stick (with higher frequency) at Corsair/Crucial

my computer 

@CobaltVelvet I've been looking into these things recently (budget-oriented), in case you're looking for advice

@CobaltVelvet Isn't it that it's becoming expensive again because everyone got rid of it?
Also, 16GB is a lot for a DDR3 stick

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