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looks like they have two words for carrot here, and since i'm a genius i decided to google translate the page explaining the difference

@CobaltVelvet Is there FTTV (Fiber to the Volcano), though?

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@bram * slaps back of laptop *
this bad boy can fit so many stickers

@Seube Malheureusement non.
Tu peux seulement créer un compte privé et/ou envoyer des messages à des personnes mentionnées dans le message

> overlay2 isn't posix compliant so some stuff (like a lot of node stuff and rustc) dont' work reliably.

ouch... good thing I decided to only mount /etc and not the whole / as overlay in my new VM build script!

@kemonine Is it because there are still processes with access to these files?

@kemonine You might also want to try with arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi and/or arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

@kemonine If it doesn't work, we can edit the Dockerfile to make the rust compiler target arm32, then, which may produce working files.

First you'd need to run "rustup target add armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf", then add "--target=armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf" to each call of cargo.

@kemonine (which is good, it means we can use fast computers + get rid of docker + the dev is likely to fix it)

@kemonine It does not seem related to arm/docker

@kemonine It literally took two hours to run "docker build" on scaleway's ARM64-2GB and then it crashed ("the trait `rocket::data::FromDataSimple` is not implemented for `std::string::String`")

@kemonine I'm trying to work on the docker bug, but compilation is so slow è_é
I'm currently compiling outside Docker so it will at least use a compilation cache

@kemonine nvm, I just realized you mean outgoing connections to other instances.

@kemonine But for server software, the software just becomes unreachable, doesn't it?

@kemonine What do you mean by "VPN kill switch"? I don't understand what it means in the context of server software

@GeoffreyFrogeye Debian fonctionne nativement sur Rpi3 en aarch64

@thaega tired: marteau et scie
wired: marteau et faucille