@Feuerfuchs @lain That's essentially the server -> client part of HTTP 0.9.

1. openssl s_client -host 0kb.club -port 443
2. type "GET /", press enter
3. server closes the connection

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Announcing the 0kb.club

The WWW has become a bloated mess. Many pages are loading megabytes of Javascript to show you a few kilobytes of content. These things are a cancerous growth on the web and we should stand up against it.

We can make a difference - no matter how small it may seem. The 0kb Club is a collection of web pages that focus on performance, efficiency and accessibility.

There’s no need to suggest new web pages for the 0kb Club. All pages that are truly without bloat are already on there.

If your pages exceeds 0kb, you might consider the 250kb.club or the 1MB.club which are the inspiration for this page.

@lain That's misleading advertising.
$ curl -s 0kb.club/ | wc -c

hot take: the web (HTTP + HTML + arguably CSS and JS) is the only REST API that anyone actually uses.

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@CobaltVelvet I'll just answer "what" because I honestly can't tell which of the three other options is the most correct

@CobaltVelvet dammit alice you made me get out of bed at 1am to check

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Building an artificial sun that looks unbelievably realistic - DIY Perks


@cjd I can't tell if that's ironic, but in case it's not: they didn't do it.

Someone PRed it (here: github.com/github/dmca/pull/81 ), and on github, when a repo gets a PR, the PRs objects become reachable with URLs like this.

@Thib definitely, yes. Because if it wasn't forwarded I would want to notify the remote admin myself

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@CobaltVelvet as a submissive queen, how do you feel about the guillotine?


@CobaltVelvet ah yes, the Brave "we'll collect money on your behalf until you claim it" business model

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Que fait un policier qui tombe dans l'eau ? On en rajoute un deuxième.

peak hackernews comment: "How about law as a subscription service? The maxim is if it has value in people’s eyes, then people should be willing to pay a monthly fee for it, voluntarily and without coercion."

@CobaltVelvet You should write a list of all the CWs you ever wrote, without the content of the toots or any context.
As an art project

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