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@cdmnky @Arr0w_root I don't understand, aren't they just quoting him?

wtf, Twitter now sends random tweets to my notifications

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Google Wave for ActivityPub, when?

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Should I hate-watch season 2 of The Orville?

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going to start a website called talk to my cat

@kemonine On boot:
ip netns add hydrogenvpn
ip link add hvpn-inside type veth peer name hvpn-outside
ip link set hvpn-inside netns hydrogenvpn
ip netns exec hydrogenvpn ifconfig hvpn-inside up
ifconfig hvpn-outside up

The VPN software I use is cjdns. I have one node running in the default netns, peered to other servers, including a gateway to the internet (google "cjdns iptunnel")
And another cjdns running in the hydrogenvpn netns. Both communicate via the veth

@kemonine That's what I do on my laptop (except it's not openvpn but a VPN software that peers via ethernet).
And you can move an interface between netns, so you can run openvpn in the default netns and move its tun to the isolated netns.

@CobaltVelvet To /tmp with a cron that uploads it to wherever you want later?

@lthms Ah yes I am so going to print it and stick it next to the local formal methods lab's coffee machine.
(Which currently has a photo of a snake biting its tail titled "python tail recursion")

@lthms I forwarded the meme to formal methods researchers, they love it

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