@wxcafe but it has one meaning in english and two in french!

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This terrible game which @bleeptrack@twitter.com and I made last year is currently annoying a lot of folks on Hacker News! :D Check it out if you haven't seen it yet! Can you solve all three levels? youshallnotpass.glitch.me

@Seven Je sais pas, j'imagine que ça suffit

@Seven Les navigateurs ont tendance à ralentir au fur et à mesure qu'on s'en sert.
T'as essayé un Firefox "vide" pour comparer ?

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– Where’s your easy-to-use, plug-and-play, ethical alternative to these toxic trillion-dollar products?

– Thanks for asking. We’ve been paying out of pocket for years to work on it. Fancy giving us a few million to speed it up?

– No.

– How about a few thousand so we don’t starve?

– No.

– So, is it ready yet?

@CobaltVelvet inb4 you get a form with male/female/enby/don't ask me

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les français de masto qui sont aussi sur Twitter on est en train de faire un #SignezPourNotreAutonomie pour la désolidarisation de l'aah donc allez tweetez dessus et partager thx 💝

et signée la pétition que vous soyez sûr mAsto ou twitter

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@gordon @Claire Yet you participate in the fediverse, curious 🤔

poll for programmers 

@CobaltVelvet Which one should I tick if I just let my fingers write code without using my brain?

@cjd I have one whose SATA controller/port/whatever crashes if it has been up for too long, so I have a cron restarting the machine three times a day

@CobaltVelvet I'm afraid you broke your gender. We'll need to find a donor or implant an artificial one.

@Arr0w_root honestly I might do it out of laziness if I'm sure the list will always be pretty small

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- wait, what's "Boost"?

- it's jquery for C++

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