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Reminder que le Réseau Santé Trans a besoin de dons pour défendre une gynécologue face au conseil national de l'ordre des médecins qui l'attaque sur des motifs transphobes / pro-SOFECT.

Plus d'info :
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Crusherie, évocation maladie Show more

Crusherie, évocation maladie Show more

Y'a des gens qui jouent au golf dans le couloir à côté de mon bureau

@CobaltVelvet Astuce : demander à être en cabine basse quand on commande le billet.
Je fais ça à chaque fois exactement à cause de ça

@velartrill (and if they are not prime, take the n_i-th prime instead of n_i)

Though there's an issue with all the schemes I can think of, because brute-forcing all integers is cheap.
So you would have to use a very larger set of primes, and I have no idea what size is sufficient (4096-bits primes, maybe?)

@velartrill Without a public key, and much less overhead (you only need H > I + O(I)):
If the integers are large primes, you can multiple each of the integers n_i with another prime p_i (and add the extra rule that p_i > n_i for all i), and concatenate them.
Then, if you want to check that a number N is in the sequence, try to divide each of the products by N; it it's divisible, and N is the smallest of the two divisors of the product, then N is in the set.

Still not really a hash, though.

@velartrill If H is significantly larger than I, you can do it by encrypting each integer with a public key, and concatenating the ciphertext. Not really a hash, though.

The funny thing is I was fetching it to experiment an asexual flag :flag_asexual:

My purple nail polish decanted into the bi flag. :flag_bisexual:

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trans dating stats (-) Show more

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Scandales politiques autours des Prides (France) Show more

@wxcafe et avec un double-égal à la première commande ? Et avec des espaces (en n'oubliant pas de quoter) ?
(chaque package manager fait sa sauce, du coup à chaque fois j'essaye toutes les combinaisons)

@FurryJulie Ah bah oui, surtout si l'équipe en question est homophobe

Just found out that my IRC client allows me to create a second column for my 50+ channels list.
What a time to be alive

@kaniini Ooh, he's the guy who was whining about how freebsd "outlawed" virtual hugs

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