@yogthos also the "who are ready to contribute to a living salary for FOSS devs" ¬.¬'

@bram that tends to be a big problem. At least more companies using open source are sponsoring projects now, and crowd funding is also getting more popular. Mastdon is a prime example of an OSS project being crowdfunded. :)


@yogthos @bram It works nice for Mastodon because it's an application marketed to end-users.
Crowdfunding wouldn't work for libraries or "behind the scene" applications.

@val @bram clojuriststogether.org/ is a crowdfunding effort to support Clojure libraries. It's supporting two projects currently, we'll see how it goes I guess.

@yogthos @val I've also saw some django core features being crowfunded on kickstarter, so yeah, things are changing, but that's reaaaally small :/

@yogthos and as @val indirectly said, it's really about how well a project manage to sell itself (that's easy for mastodon), not its value :/

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