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2000: your conversation medium is a standard protocol with a native client on every platform
2010: your conversation medium is a website
2015: your conversation medium is a web app
2017: your conversation medium is an app only available on Android and iOS

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startup idea: RPG Maker, but for chat applications

@Camille Juste imagine the infinite possibilities: lots of crappy chat apps made by acquaintances, and very popular (but still crappy ones) made by successful startups, that become a de-facto standard.

What if the galactic singularity in xkcd's "Team Chat" ( is running on Amazon Lambda?

@val And then despite "2000" providing the same functionality (often way more), people dig their nails into "2017" when you ask for some other way to contact them :|

@mhu2141ai "What do you mean you can't install our iOS app?"

@pony I was thinking of email/IRC, but that works too


2018: your conversation medium is analogue, and comprises your 3D body with no digital interface.

@val @mhu2141ai I'm glad to avoid the latter. Things that go 'what is desktop? You have a PHONE. Phones are the best for chat, why would you want anything else? There's nothing wrong with a small screen and touch keyboard' can join the list of things to be burnt into nonexistence.

@val And only on Google Play, because fuck you if you don't worship Google.

@onf or even worse: depend on Google Services Framework

@val Yeah, that's it. Even if you find another way to download from GP almost everything on there is broken without Google services. Developers even barely get a chance to test their apps without Google services.

@val And here I am, using IRC bridges for anything, for ever and ever

2022: you need to use your ID card to connect to you conversation medium. (already the case in China, if I'm not mistaken)
2025: your conversation medium is sent totally plain on the network because "THINK OF THE CHILDREN and TERRORISTS"

2030: you don"t have conversation medium anymore, you can only speak to Amazon-Google-Disney Home now.

1988: your conversation medium is fresh air between you and your mate filling public space round the corner.
... still not depricated.

and this shit is why i am trying to get my friends to use matrix.

@juliebean Matrix still requires a powerful server to join rooms with a long history, though

really? is it more demanding than a mastodon server? i haven't really looked into the demands of it, but it at least seems a better option than discord or kik or whatever.

@juliebean I heard that when joining a room, Synapse maximizes CPU usage for quite some time.
Mastodon's CPU usage is quite reasonable (but not its memory usage, because Ruby/RoR)

@val 2019: your conversation medium only runs on your particular network provider, and only at certain times of day

@val I’m still in the 2000’s except for few things. (and I can’t upgrade to 2017 as I run away from Android/iOS)

@val just how fucked we are. Use IRC and Jabber mates.

@val 2018: fediverse integrates chat, we now have a Good Chat Platform that works on mobile

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@wire create an account on what?