Mastodon's tootctl utility provides a --background option for some tasks, which queues work into Sidekiq and allows the utility to exit quickly. This is primarily intended to allow a fire-and-forget use that doesn't require admins to keep an open terminal or screen/tmux for long periods of time. However, it has some downsides as it can overload Sidekiq and Sidekiq can overload other services.


I wouldn't want to keep 3 different execution patterns in tootctl so I need to know if people would prefer to parallelize inline execution instead of relying on Sidekiq. This could be faster than sequential execution but would require keeping the terminal open until the work is done.


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@Gargron I think Sidekiq doesn't have enough queues. If there were more, and each worker was assigned to a specific queue, then adding many tasks of one type would not affect other tasks.

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