Don't call it open source if it's impossible to build it from sources in less than a week of work.

@val I would call it open source but not Free. There are valid reasons to release even just a part of something (not necessarily software either) without allowing anyone to recreate the “something”. It’s nice to keep a word for those things I guess.

@GeoffreyFrogeye No I'm complaining about shit build systems that download binaries which you can't find the source of because they are unmaintained for a decade.

@val Well, you can call it open-source legacy shitty software :D

@GeoffreyFrogeye Nah the software isn't legacy, its dependencies are

@val Well, legacy dependencies implies legacy software, no?

Also, you’re talking about Kafka…

Also, isn’t any Java software legacy by definition?

(bon j’arrête, ça fait beaucoup même pour un trolldi :D)

@val Oui je sais bien, je l’ai utilisé il y a pas trop longtemps. Ça m’empêche pas de trouver ça un peu désuet :)

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