You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

@SoniEx2 That wasn't a critique of Mastodon, Mastodon's use of JS is legit.

@val no it's not.

twitter didn't always require JS. why does mastodon?

and yes I know about third-party clients.

@SoniEx2 The webapp with the streaming features is a must-have. I gave up on GNU Social because it was too hard to set up, and laggy once it worked

@val I don't mind streaming but was it so hard to have each column be an iframe and the top bar be a refresh button?

@SoniEx2 that would be clunky.
Really, Mastodon's frontend is a web *application* and it's fine to need JS for that.

I'm all for killing JS outside webapps (I use uMatrix with JS disabled by default), but not here.

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