Hi all. #TWIF #29 is up, in which we're looking for #MirrorTesters and talk about our new #Matrix server.


We also have some news about #Fairphone as a Service, seek help with our new #AuditingProxy, and 12 new and 79 updated apps in our repo. Go read!

What's your take on becoming FOSS-yet-paid?
The dev states he wants to continue distributing them on F-Droid, but there's no indicating of when.


@porkhaus @fdroidorg
Oh! Too bad about Simple going commercial. I was using their calendar app and tasks app until I read that. Now I'm back to Etar and OpenTasks.

#FOSS #Etar #OpenTasks

Well, I now know a bit more about this; the apps remain libre and open source, and I have no issue with that. I actually like the idea of paying a few cents per app, so I did that as well.

Regarding F-Droid, the latest version remains freely available from there, so I must say that I am a bit confused about what you're saying 😀

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