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This is a valid Dockerfile for a NodeJS application. It is also a pile of 💩!

We can improve:
- 🔒 Security
- 🏎️ Build speed
- 👁️ Clarity

Follow along as we go from 💩 to 🥇!

(code in alt text)

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Did you know that without 0x5F3759DF (magic number) Qake (the game) would not have been possible?

The fast inverse square root is 🤯 code popularized by Quake, which at first sight looks like complete nonsense.

Google: 0x5F3759DF


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Finally got around to giving @excalidraw a go after hearing @willmcgugan rave about it. Three diagrams in, and I'm completely in love 😍 The integration is a game changer! 🚀 Also SVG with dark mode support is epic 😎🖤 Expect to start seeing these pop up all over now 😅

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ChatGPT goes paid today! 🔥

RIP all the free tools exploiting the closed API 🤪

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"Troubleshooting for 2000 at "
=> Great article with many lessons learned and best practices for operating end-to-end pipelines in the .

The article by Natan Silnitsky explores the foll…lnkd.in/eAymFPTk lnkd.in/e7d6SHNu

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5.5.0 is out! New dashboarding engine, custom , @MITREattack data components and sources support, connectors for @RecordedFuture , @FlashpointIntel and @Sophos and more! Ready for the next step: Incident / CTI case management github.com/OpenCTI-Platform/op

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Coucou, y'a des gens qui s'y connaissent en "Studio de jardin" sans permis de construire?
Y'a vraiment besoin de 0 permis?
J'avoue que ça me tente de fou

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My dream has finally come true. I've been working on a 160kb virtual machine named Blink. It's now capable of emulating programs as complex as GCC and Qemu. We can now vendor Linux toolchain binaries in our build configs and have them run across platforms. github.com/jart/blink

A lieu de passer de votre Terminal à StackOverFlow demander à chatgptcli ! github.com/jseguillon/chat-gpt

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pyChatGPT - An unofficial Python wrapper for OpenAI's ChatGPT API github.com/terry3041/pyChatGPT

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We recently announced a new open source project continuous profiling solution called Grafana Phlare. In today's post we’ll go through a new type of visualization we’ve added to Grafana — flame graphs, and how to use them to view continuous profiling data.

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I’ve interviewed 1000s of people over my career.

Only 1% of candidates truly know how to stand out.

Learn to answer these 13 questions and I guarantee you’ll ace your next job interview:

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Are aircraft's WiFi systems secure?

Two weeks ago, on a long flight, due to some vulnerabilities in the WiFi provider, I was able to leak the personal information of millions of users and take over any account without user interaction.

Here's what I found, and how I did it:

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L'Univers a ~13,8 milliards d'années. Je me rends bien compte que c'est difficile d'imaginer une histoire aussi longue. Ça vous dit de lire un résumé de tout ça en un thread? Une brève histoire de l'Univers et de la vie sur Terre en un thread?👇


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URGENT 🔴Elon Musk annonce avoir racheté Mastodon

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