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good day only to the baphomet statue that was delivered to the arkansas state capitol building

monday meditation 

🤘 pop up out the droppa toppa, shake my tits like two maracas, booty clappin, pussy satin, like I'm fuckin silkk the shocker 🙏


Side note, Kristen from 6th grade I'm sorry I ragged on you for ur rubber 'legalize it' bracelet back in '06, you were a true progressive and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting on board with it then. Is this what Hillary Clinton feels like about gay marriage? (No)

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Settled for flower, albeit very good flower, but I still wish I could get that vapor cuz my lungs feel so much cleaner that way.

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Support zines, independent and citizen journalist as much as you can.


Trying to get cartriges in a non-legal state is harder than it sounds

@Gargron @Estrusflask @CM_noelle @Eweish1 @Chinchillazilla @cm_kropot @CM_jusdepatate And now I have to worry as a smaller instance whether an instance is gonna ban my users because a z-list transphobe wants to treat me like his unpaid customer service line. A job I did not sign up for since I suspected him from my instance weeks ago.

I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

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@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD people literally left Twitter to come to a site where people didn't use the moderation system to defend their prejudices and attack minorities.
Wheaton followed the crowd and immediately called the cops on a bunch of transwomen who thought this might be a place they didn't have to deal with his fake woke celebrity transphobe bullshit

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tried to export my follows but the download file is just a copy of the mobile version of the game plague. What did I do wrong lmao

Same name, new instance, boost this to help me find all my babies again ❤️

In the report Wilw sent to me, he says he scoured a person's profile for 20 minutes because the user said "go awf," and reported the guy saying cheeky things about Democratic candidates and for replying to a joke to giant Princess Zelda pee fetish porn.

Not in response to him. Just... posts. Just funny posts.

The dude is a nightmare.

@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

hi! If you're up and wanna follow me at @nenocenturion I'd rly dig it ❤️

From one little bitch to another, go back to the hellsite from which you came. You are poison to this community and an absolute waste of server space. Eat shit, terf. @wilw

piss on famous people who shelter their abusive famous friends and run to the mods over mild online dunks

I got robbed and I can't even be that mad cuz these are some hard times we live in lmao

Sanity, mental health 

I don't even know where to seek the help that I need in this godforsaken state fucking hell man

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