How to find people to follow on Mastodon 

- Search for hashtags and follow people who use them
- Use your local and global timelines for people who have things in common with your instance
- Make sure replies are showing in your timeline to see who the people you follow usually interact with
- Follow someone when a good post is reshared in your timeline
- Go to specific instances and browse their member directory
- Introduce yourself using #introduction, follow back whoever follow you

Have fun!

Also, boost all the cool messages! No algorithm = only the poster and you will see favourites. You have to boost things if you want more people to enjoy them!

Oh no stop following me I just got dumped my timeline is 80% me whining because I miss my girlfriend it's going to make you hate mastodon I was talking about following other people!!!!!


@alex pas de soucis, ça remplira un peu ma TL et au pire oui j'unfollowerais :)

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