I’m going to tell you the story of the man who solved a crime.

Not, like, a cop who put together the clues and got his man, but a person who took a crime as old as civilization and fixed the problem where it got you in trouble.

The man: Artur Virgílio Alves Reis.

The place: 1920s Portugal.

The crime: Counterfeiting.

The problem he fixed: That the money is counterfeit.

(This is going to be a long 🧵 . Just trust me.)

We may never be able to match the incredible achievements of #JohnMastodon, but the European Union still plays its part!

We are proud funders of Mastodon through the Next Generation Internet initiative (@EC_NGI).

Trust based.

More info: ngi.eu/blog/2022/11/24/how-ngi

In my "Spam" folder today, the current President of the USA wants to send me some money, but he sent the message using the previous President's address... 😆

I was surprised and happy to see that EU institutions already have an official Mastodon instance, since April 2022: social.network.europa.eu/about
Nice way to provide "verified" accounts.

Some accounts just mirror tweets, but the European Commission has specific content, and even uses memes !!!

Just a reminder to folks that are here from bird site, please include your mastodon handles in your profile over at twitter so folks who follow you can migrate here.

Fedifinder here doesn't just help you track your followers over to here, it'll also tell you if it can find your account in your own profile to help *your* followers too fedifinder.glitch.me/

You might interested in knowing that some features of Mastodon are funded by the EU:
Your tax euros at work ! 💶

So the admin of my Mastodon server happens to have the same last name as me.
Although I don't know them, it makes me feel more at home 😌


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