End-of-the-month (and year!) Pine64 update over on our forum. It's not as long-form or polished as the normal 5th-of-the-month blog posts, but there's still lot of info here!


@PINE64 That's great!
Any news about the original pinebook upgrade?
I do nto want to trash it away to get the Pinebook Pro, that would be counterproductive.

@ZikZak It's still in the works. There's thermal issues to overcome when upgrading to the RK3399.


@PINE64 I'm afraid of that, the A64 is not that powerful so it makes sense that we need to take care of the heat dissipation of the new CPU, and the form factor of teh laptop is so small that it won't be a piece of cake.
But at least you try when any other manufacturer won't.

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