The only time an Airbus A380 landed in Brussels.
La seule fois qu'un Airbus A380 a atterri à Bruxelles

Yeah I was there as well. Sad it never went into a regular schedule 😿


Where you also there when the last Sea King landed in the Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark court ? That was amazing !

@Humandrop wow in Cinquantenaire? No, haven't even heard about it. But I find copters quite suspicious. Such shape is not suppose to fly 😜
No kidding, I am more kind of a general aviation nerd.
But I guess the windy blowback was stunning, if you were there...



I was !

The same for me : flight must be elegant. Helis aren't. Gliders are 😉

Ohh how elegant 👏
I still have a photo when back in 2008 that #Kalitta Air slipped over RWY 01 in #BRU 😎
(due to a data loss it's the only photo remaining I have from that luckily only minor incident)

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